14 April 2010

Review: FREEZE FRAME, Peter May

Poisoned Pen Press March 2010
ISBN 978-1-59058-717-1
Many thanks to the publishers for a review e-copy for my Kindle through NetGalley.

[I certainly hope this title and the 3 that precede it are made available for Kindle - at present they aren't.]

#4 in a series in which forensic biologist Enzo MacLeod attempts to solve a number of cold cases. In FREEZE FRAME the crime scene has been perfectly preserved for 20 years on a remote island off the northwest coast of France by the daughter-in-law of the victim. Adam Killian knew he was going to die and he left his son Peter a number of clues about the identity of his murderer. Unfortunately Peter himself died before he had a chance to solve the puzzles.

Enzo MacLeod has apparently successfully solved the first 3 of the cases, the result of a challenge to solve a number of cold cases written about in a book by friend Roger Raffin. Roger has a considerable amount of background for each case, and in particular material that didn't make it into his book.

FREEZE FRAME is entertaining and very readable. The main character Enzo MacLeod is not without blemish and has a lot in common with detectives who put their work before personal relationships. In the publisher's supplementary material Poisoned Pen editor in chief Barbara G. Peters says "FREEZE FRAME is sure to please fans looking for an escape, but who still want to learn something about some unusual settings." She says it will appeal to readers of Jon Jefferson, Simon Beckett and Dan Brown. For me it was redolent of P.D. James. I think I found Enzo very like Adam Dagliesh.

My rating 4.6

I'm anxious to get my hands on the earlier titles in the series as well as whatever comes after. FREEZE FRAME is apparently #4 in a 7 title series.
Enzo Files
1. Extraordinary People (2006)
     aka Dry Bones
2. The Critic (2007)
3. Blacklight Blue (2008)
4. Freeze Frame (2010)

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