18 April 2010

Travellers Home Again

The worst part about arriving home, apart from the compulsory nap after travelling for over 24 hours, is the unpacking and getting your life back in order - dealing with the mail, the emails, collecting the cat, sorting out the souvenirs, accumulating the washing, and then of course catching up with the blog, adding reviews, and finally back to work (tomorrow!)

Here the Dubai Banker Camel meets his predecessor the Jordanian camel.

And below are the real things - photo taken when we went on a dune bashing safari.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Glad you're safely back! Thanks for sharing the lovely camel 'photos : ). I do hope you had a wonderful time.

Bernadette said...

Glad you're home safely Kerrie. If only the photo could depict the things I remember most about my camel trek - the smell and the spitting!


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