25 April 2010

ANZAC DAY, 25 April 2010

Just over 2 weeks ago we were travelling in Turkey and we visited Anzac Cove.
Today we'll be at the Dawn Service and then the band will be marching in the Adelaide Parade, but for moments throughout the day I'll be thinking of this place
- the Australian cemetery near Anzac Cove.

and also of this one - the Turkish Memorial near Lone Pine

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Kiwicraig said...

Nice pics Kerrie. My better half and I are planning to go there next year, as part of a 3 week trip around the region.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for posting this. Lovely pics and important things to think about...

Kerrie said...

Craig I can recommend a really good hotel in Istanbul (the Arcadia) and a really good tour company for Gallipoli - TJs Gallipoli Anzac Tours

Heartbeatoz said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely Pictures, it looks like a very moving place, glad it didn't rain for the March today in Adelaide.

Marg said...

There's a couple of places that I really regret not getting too while I lived overseas and this is one of them.

I did go to a couple of cemeteries on the Western Front and it was just so emotional, and inspiring, and amazing.


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