12 April 2010

Aussie Author Challenge Update #7 - challenge completed

2010 Aussie Author Challenge Completed

This one is being run by Book Lover Book Reviews.
I've signed up for the FAIR DINKUM challenge which requires me to read 8 titles by at least 5 different Aussie authors.

In 2009 I read 20 books by Aussie authors so expected to be able to do this easily but perhaps not so quickly.
Mine has that extra little challenge of being all crime fiction titles.

I have now completed the challenge, but of course will still continue to read and review Australian crime fiction titles during the remainder of the year. I may even do an occasional update to keep track of all my Australian author reading.
  1. TRUTH, Peter Temple
  2. BLOOD BORN, Kathryn Fox
  3. CONSEQUENCES OF SIN, Clare Langley-Hawthorne (some might dispute Clare is Australian)
  5. TAKE OUT, Felicity Young
  6. FORBIDDEN FRUIT, Kerry Greenwood  
  7. DEEP WATER, Peter Corris
  8. BLEED FOR ME, Michael Robotham 


pattinase (abbott) said...

I am ashamed to say the only Aussie writer I have read in depth is Patricia Carlon. Get me to the library.

Booklover Book Reviews said...

Thank you for being such an active participant in the Aussie Author Challenge Kerrie, and thank you for bringing my attention to some great Aussie crime authors!


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