18 April 2010

Sunday Salon - been reading up a storm this year?

One of the challenges I am participating in this year is the 100+ Reading Challenge
My own count so far is 42.

I've done a fair bit of travel so far this year - away for over 4 weeks altogether - so that has contributed to a good total.
And the quality has been there too: Here is my list of books, all crime fiction of course, so far in April.
  1. 4.8, THE PANIC ZONE, Rick Mofina (17 April)
  2. 4.5, TIED UP IN TINSEL, Ngaio Marsh (17 April)
  3. 4.6, FREEZE FRAME, Peter May (13 April)
  4. 5.0, BLEED FOR ME, Michael Robotham (12 April)
  5. 4.0, TAROKO GORGE, Jacob Ritari (11 April)
  6. 4.5, DEEP WATER, Peter Corris (9 April)
  7. 5.0, THE MAN FROM BEIJING, Henning Mankell (6 April)
  8. 4.4, RUMPOLE and the PENGE BUNGALOW MURDERS, John Mortimer (3 April)
  9. 4.3, FORBIDDEN FRUIT, Kerry Greenwood (1 April)
I've run a poll on my blog asking respondents how many books they've finished in the first 3 months.

There are some people who are headed for well over 150 for the year.

From the comments, it does seem that most people do have a reading target, and nearly everybody aims to do better this year than last.


Gavin said...

Kerrie - So far I'm on target for my 2010 reads. I've got to add Robotham to my list! Have a good week.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I almost always read 150 books a year now that I've given up tv!

Dorte H said...

I am still trying to downsize, but this week I have read far too much to live down to my new goal.

Used Machinery said...

Here is not so much great storm comes this year.

Used Machinery said...

Great stuff..

Louisiana said...

Just a quick post today. I hope you had a good Christmas, plenty of books in the Christmas stocking, and lots of lovely catching up with family and friends.


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