5 March 2011

Amazing e-books prices!

I monitor an RSS feed that shows up as Amazon UK Bestsellers: The most popular items in Crime, Thrillers & Mystery.
What staggered me about today's feed is that the highest price for a title in the list below is the Stieg Larsson ones which are selling for £2.74 . The rest are 99p.
Here they are - but I must stress they are not all available as e-books:

And Amazon won't let me buy from Amazon.UK anyway because I am an Amazon.US customer.
So I decided to check out the prices on Amazon UK Kindle for their best selling Mysteries.

Amazon has a catalogue of e-books that looks like this:

If you drill down one branch then you get this

Now the prices are not all 99 cents - there is a fair smattering that range up to $9.99 or so, - and I know that they won't all be available to Australian Kindle owners, but what a smorgasbord!
Here are the top 5 best sellers:


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Oh, those are tempting, tempting prices!!! Delectable!

Maxine Clarke said...

Well, they are good prices but who wants to read them? The Stieg Larsson trilogy and The Hanging Shed are being sold on discount by their publishers. Father Brown (and many others) are cheap because they are out of copyright and have been digitised by organisations like the Gutenberg project or Google books, that want to give away for free. By far the highest proportion of cheap/free Kindle books on UK Amazon are self-published or other variants of authors giving away without going through a publisher. Many of them are very niche genres eg Sci Fi, Horror, Sex. I am all for book prices going down, but most books I want to read, are expensive on kindle when I check them out. This may put me off buying them - it certainly does not make me want to buy cheap kindle books just because they are cheap.

ModernKimera said...

Read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Maria said...

www.DailyCheapReads.com is going to do some sort of game this week--every two hours it will post a 99 cent book (from all different genres.)

Then later this week? (Sometime this month) they are doing a "march Madness" to pick favorite books (it's in honor of the US college Basketball March madness elimination playoff.)

No idea of any of the 99 cent deals are good, but I did just post about Deb Baker at my website--the first in one of her series is now on Kindle and it's 99 cents.

(You can see her titles at my blog if you want or look them up on Amazon: www.BearMountainBooks.com) Ignore the lettuce. Not related to books. :>)



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