26 March 2011

Pitfalls: Reconciling two TBRs

This is an updated image of the TBR Range at my place, and I regret to say it is not getting smaller. My latest estimate is that it may indeed be over 100 books higher than it was last year.

Today I realised it has become complicated by the fact that unless I am careful I am likely to buy a Kindle copy of a book I already have on books-in-the-hand.
That nearly happened with Donna Leon's A QUESTION OF BELIEF this morning after I had read the review on Crime Scraps. In fact, if I hadn't gone to search the tbr bookshelf, it would have happened! My memory of what is lingering on the bookshelf is dimming, the longer the book is there.

I did buy THE POISONED CHOCOLATES CASE by Anthony Berkeley after I had read Martin Edwards' Forgotten Books post about it (although I don't have another copy of that). It will fit nicely into my Vintage Mystery Challenge, but so will any one of about 40 other books I have on the Mount Kindle TBR.

So while I am trying to read faster, and have read 46 books so far this year, I don't think I'm, in fact I know I'm not, keeping pace with the growth of TBR. Thank goodness I have some extended travel coming up in about 6 weeks' time, when I'll be basically relying on my Kindle, but there will not be any danger of running out of readable books.

Last week I said that I was seriously thinking of disconnecting the link between  my Kindle and it's money tree, my credit card, and that may still happen. Perhaps I need make use of the Kindle wish list a lot more, but that might begin to look like the one I maintain on my Library account, Mount NeverGoThere. I can report that I am being more controlled with my library book borrowing.


Bernadette said...

LOL @MountNeverGoThere

At least you have made me feel slightly better about my own TBR troubles Kerrie. While I have not reduced my TBR at all this year I have kept pace with it - at 1 January I had 200 books to read and as of today I have 201 books to read. I don't know what the answer is :)

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I don't know what the answer is, either. My TBR has increased as well, and I haven't kept pace with it nearly as well as Bernadette has. I may just have accept the fact that there will always be many, many more books I want to read than there is time to read them all. I do have to eat and sleep sometimes!

kathy d. said...

The slogan should be: So many good books, so little time!

I am bowled over by the TBR pile of 450 books.

I have whittled down my TBR pile (and a friend lost some of my loaned books, so that helps), but my list of books to get out of the library is long. And so is my list of potential purchases at the Book Depository, Amazon and Abebooks (sells used books). I strictly budget though or I'd be spending the rent money on books.

My sympathies on the huge TBR pile. Well, one could let chores, errands, bill paying go, and just read--my solution.


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