22 March 2011

Crime Fiction Alphabet: K is for Kindle

I now have over 270 books on my Kindle (80% of them still to be read), and don't seem to be having any problems in adding to them. I monitor a couple of blogs that alert me to free books.

In fact I have unfortunately got into the habit of checking whether new titles that others talk about on their blogs are available on the Kindle. I'm seriously thinking I'll have to make impulse buying harder by taking the extra step of disconnecting my Kindle account from my credit card!

What seemed to happen frequently about a year ago, a barrier that said "not available to Australian subcribers", doesn't seem to come up so often now. I have a rule that I basically don't buy e-books if they are over $10, and many of them are much much less than that, sometimes even free.

Australian publishers are still not really with it yet, and tend not to supply e-book versions of new publications, but that will get better. Certainly many are willing to supply early reviewers with a pdf copy.

You can check the books that I have read on my Kindle through this label:


Dorte H said...

Kindle - now why didn´t I think of that?

I don´t have to see any presentation to realize what the greatest peril is, but I have become better at not buying until I am sure I really want to read the book.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - What a great idea for the letter K!!!! Thanks. I actually learned a lot, too, from the links. I don't have a Kindle but I am probably going to get one at some point...

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

The books on my Kindle are piling up fast too, mostly free ones, and loads and loads of samples. So far I haven't actually read very many of them :)

skiourophile said...

1-Click is such an evil invention! And the other day I broke a very strict rule I had set myself: namely that I WOULD NOT buy an e-book if I already owned an unread 'real' copy. It was a book from which I wanted to take a lot of notes and I am hooked on being able to highlight text (primitive as the interface is) and then export them. One downside I see is the lack of reproduction of images/photos in Kindle editions, which makes me think it is better for fiction than non-fiction.

Yvette said...

Good choice for K, Kerrie. :)

I don't own a Kindle nor do I plan to. I think if I traveled a great deal, I'd probably have a go at it.

By the way, you can download the Kindle hardware (or whatever you call it) to your computer for free from Amazon. I did that in case there was something I I might want to read on screen now and then.


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