2 March 2011

my reading February 2011

Another excellent month, reading wise - 16 books, with a few new-to-me authors.
Australian authors AA
New Zealand authors NZ
I read quite a bit of "flash fiction" too FF
  1. 4.1, THE ROAD TO HELL, Paul Levine  (27 Feb)
  2. 4.3, FLASH FICTION FOR THE COCKTAIL HOUR, Cathryn Grant  (27 Feb) FF
  3. 4.2, DARK BLOOMS, Melissa F. Miller (27 Feb) FF
  4. 4.7, WYATT, Garry Disher (23 Feb) AA
  5. 4.3, DIED IN THE WOOL, Ngaio Marsh (23 Feb) NZ
  6. 4.4, FATAL QUEST: WOODEND'S FIRST CASE, Sally Spencer (21 Feb)
  7. 4.5, OPERATION NAPOLEON, Arnaldur Indridason (19 Feb)
  8. 4.8, BOUND, Vanda Symon (18 Feb) NZ
  9. 4.5, MAIGRET & THE HEADLESS CORPSE, Georges Simenon (17 Feb)
  10. 4.4, D-E-D DEAD! Geoffrey McGeachin (15 Feb) AA
  11. 4.4, FROZEN TRACKS, Ake Edwardson (13 Feb)
  12. 4.4, CANDIED CRIME, Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen (12 Feb) FF
  13. 4.6, THREE SECONDS, Roslund & Hellstrom (11 Feb)
  14. 4.6, STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG, Kate Atkinson (9 Feb)
  15. 4.4, APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH, Agatha Christie (7 Feb)
  16. 5.0, BURY YOUR DEAD, Louise Penny (4 Feb)
My pick of the month was BURY YOUR DEAD by Louise Penny followed closely by BOUND by Vanda Symon.

I'm doing pretty well too with my various reading challenges. There's a lot of overlap of course from one challenge to another, although I have imposed a few "local" rules.
You'll find the complete list at Reading Challenges Update but here is my running summary:


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I am always so amazed at how many books you are able to read and share with us. And I'm glad you've had mostly good reads.

Bill Selnes said...

Bury Your Dead was also my favourite book in February. The story stays with you long after the book is done

kathy d. said...

Amazing the amount of books read, plus the website and the blog updates and links everything.

Thanks for the lists.

I want to read several on your list, especially Vanda Symon's.


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