27 September 2012

Forgotten Book: SPINSTERS IN JEOPARDY, Ngaio Marsh

This week and next, Friday's Forgotten Books is being hosted by Todd Mason at Sweet Freedom.

Like most of my featured forgotten books this year, today's book comes from my list of books read in1992.

Synopsis (Amazon)

High in mountains stands the magnificent Saracen fortress, home of the mysterious Mr Oberon, leader of a coven of witches. It is not the historic castle, however, that intrigues Roderick Alleyn, on holiday with his family, but the suspicion that a huge drugs ring operates from within its ancient portals. But before the holiday is over, someone else has stumbled upon the secret. And Mr Oberon decides his strange and terrible rituals require a human sacrifice.

SPINSTERS IN JEOPARDY was Marsh's 17th Roderick Alleyn novel, published in 1954 and then as The Bride of Death in the United States in 1955.

Marsh (1895-1982) published another 15 titles before her death, making a total of 32 Roderick Alleyn titles in all. See Wikipedia for a list.

These days Dame Ngaio Marsh is remembered through the Ngaio Marsh awards, given to acknowledge the best in New Zealand crime fiction.
This year's winner was Neil Cross with LUTHER: THE CALLING.
(you may know of the stories from the BBC TV series)

See Crime Watch blog post: Have you read Ngaio Marsh?


Nikki in Niagara said...

I love Ngaio Marsh!! I've read quite a few over the years but can't remember which. I started re-reading them in order a few years ago but let it slide, will have to get back to it!!

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - A good choice! I like the way this novel shows Alleyn as a caring parent as well as a sleuth. And I always enjoy Agatha Troy.


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