5 September 2012

What I read in August 2012

August was a bit of a slow reading month for me. Books just took me a bit longer to read for some reason. Not because they were bad reads though.

  1. 4.5, THE STONE-CUTTER, Camilla Lackberg  - audio book
  2. 4.2, ASIA HAND, Christopher G. Moore  - Kindle
  3. 4.6, THE CROWDED GRAVE, Martin Walker  - library book
  4. 4.5, THE HEADHUNTERS, Peter Lovesey  - library book
  5. 4.5, THE HOUSE OF SILK, Anthony Horowitz  - audio book
  6. 4.8, SAY YOU'RE SORRY, Michael Robotham  - Australian author
I'm pleased to say that my Pick of the Month was  SAY YOU'RE SORRY by Michael Robotham which I received as a review copy from the publisher.
Michael is an Australian author who has won various awards including the Ned Kelly Award for best crime fiction.

It was the first book I read for the month and was published on August 14.

To whet your appetite......

My name is Piper Hadley and I went missing on the last Saturday of the summer holidays three years ago.

When Piper and her friend Tash disappeared, there was a huge police search, but they were never found. Now Tash, reaching breaking point at the abuse their captor has inflicted on them, has escaped, promising to come back for Piper.

Clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin and his stalwart companion, ex-cop Vincent Ruiz, force the police to re-open the case after Joe is called in to assess the possible killer of a couple in their own home and finds a connection to the missing girls. But they are racing against time to save Piper from someone with an evil, calculating and twisted mind...  Read more

Check what others have chosen as their Pick of the Month for August. 

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