1 September 2012

In Action: Thrill Week September 1-8

As I indicated in an earlier post, this week is Thrill Week which Marce, one of my blogging friends, is hosting for the second year running, for Bloggers and Authors who love to read and write Thrillers, Mystery, Suspense and/or Horrors.
The goal is to find new blogs and bloggers with similar interest in those genres and of course add to our huge TBR and Wishlists.
Click on either of the images to be transported to Marce's blog and find out what other's are contributing.

Below are the answers to some of Marce's Thrill Week Questionnaire.
I am not a good responder though...

Introduce yourself
If you are new to my blog, I am that sad species - a crime fiction addict - and I live in Australia.
I have been reading crime fiction almost exclusively for several decades now.
Every year I try different reading challenges to make my reading branch out a little.

What have been your top 3 reads this year?  Link your reviews
If you cast you eye across the top of the page you'll see links to a heap of pages.
2012 Reviews shows what I've read this year in the order of the rating I've given them.
The top rated books have been

  1. 5.0, GONE, Mo Hayder
  2. 5.0,  A TRICK OF THE LIGHT, Louise Penny
  3. 5.0, THE QUARRY, Johan Theorin
  4. 5.0, THE BROTHERHOOD, Y.A. Erskine
  5. 5.0, A FEW RIGHT THINKING MEN, Sulari Gentill
  6. 5.0, THE CALLER, Karin Fossum
  7. 5.0, DEATH OF THE MANTIS, Michael Stanley 
  8. 5.0, COP TO CORPSE, Peter Lovesey
4 and 5 are Australian authors if you are looking for some.

What are you currently reading during Thrill Week?
Today I hope to finish THE BLACK PATH by Asa Larsson that seems to have taken me forever to read, although it is a very good read. Just long.
Here are my other plans

  • then - BLACKOUT, John Lawton
  • THE OTHER CHILD, Charlotte Link
  • next on Kindle - TRUE MURDER, Yaba Badoe
  • Australian - A DECLINE IN PROPHETS, Sulari Gentill
  • Australian - MILES OFF COURSE, Sulari Gentill
  • COLD GRAVE - Kathryn Fox
  • on audio - THE CORONER, M.R.Hall
  • also on audio - LONG TIME COMING, Robert Goddard
What debut author(s) or new to you author(s) have you read within the last 12 months that have impressed you?
I try to read lots of new authors each year and actually keep a list of them in my records.
So far this year I've read 34. Last year I read 60

What popular author(s) have you NOT read but is on your Wishlist?
I think you are talking about my TBR here - a bookshelf full of new books (200+) to be tackled sometime...

Other than blogs, share with us what other tools you use or subscribe to in order to keep up with the latest news on authors, new releases, book tours, etc? 
I do run some weekly Google Alerts but I belong to various mailing lists.

What is most important in these genres to you?  Plot, characters, location, dialogue, red herrings, narrator or what mix of them?
Hard to choose really. Interesting plot is essential but the characters have to be well drawn too.
I get impatient with really long books or ones that take me more than 3 or 4 days to read.

If you'd like to be in a draw for a book of your choice via Amazon or similar, leave a nice comment about a feature of my blog that you like, plus your email address so that I can contact you if you win. 


Martin Bodenham said...

Good luck with Thrill Week. I have signed up for Marce's blog hop.



Unknown said...

You have awesome taste! I've added some of your selection to my TBR pile.

Marce said...

Thanks so much for participating. I was excited to find your blog, I think a year now.

I love your lists you share with us and allow us to recommend. Also the Crime Fiction Alphabet meme.

I have YA Erskine on my Wishlist, another Australian blogger is doing the hop and she has The Betrayal on her list.

BTW TBR list means I have it and need to get to it and Wishlist means I want it and may get it very soon, that is my difference :-)

I look forward to continuing networking with you.

gautami tripathy said...

I am adding your favorites to my TBR pile!



Here are my answers to the questionnaire!!

Shanae Branham said...

Great blog. I’m glad I dropped by from thrill week blog hop.
My Blog

Shelleyrae said...

Hi, I'm stopping by to celebrate Thrill Week ll.

I was thrilled to see Brotherhood won at Reader's Choice at the Davitt Awards, the Betrayal is just as fabulous. Sulari Gentill's series is on my wishlist, I reviewed Cold Grave just a few weeks ago.

I am looking forward to reading your reviews this week!

Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

carol said...

I've only read one out of your top picks. I'll have to check out your reviews of the others.


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