23 September 2012

Fifty British Books - Crime Fiction

Last year I discovered that over one third of what I read was British crime fiction.
So I again joined a British books challenge, although reading British authors really isn't much of a challenge for me, as I do so much of it. The one I have joined is hosted by The Overflowing Library.
So far in 2012 it is closer to one in two.
So I am listing them here for you today.
You can tell from the ratings which ones I have enjoyed best.
The list is a mixture of current, published in 2012, favourite authors, and classics. Some are British by setting, rather than British-born author.
  1. 4.6, BELIEVING THE LIE, Elizabeth George
  2. 4.6, THE HOUSE AT SEA'S END, Elly Griffiths
  3. 4.8, THE HANGING SHED, Gordon Ferris
  4. 4.5, A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES, Ruth Rendell
  5. 4.5, THE FALLS, Ian Rankin
  6. 4.5, GRAVE STONES, Priscilla Masters
  7. 4.6, TAKEN AT THE FLOOD, Agatha Christie
  8. 4.6, WINGS OVER THE WATCHER, Priscilla Masters
  9. 4.6, LYING DEAD, Aline Templeton
  10. 4.6, THE HOLLOW, Agatha Christie
  11. 4.3, GIDEON'S NIGHT, John Creasey (aka J.J. Marric)
  13. 5.0, GONE, Mo Hayder 
  14. 4.3, A LILY OF THE FIELD, John Lawton
  15. 4.4, SPARKLING CYANIDE, Agatha Christie
  16. 4.4, WITCH HUNT, Ian Rankin
  17. 4.6, THE BEST MAN TO DIE, Ruth Rendell
  18. 4.4, INSTRUMENTS OF DARKNESS, Imogen Robertson
  20. 4.4, THE MASK OF DIMITRIOS, Eric Ambler
  21. 4.5, DEAD IN THE WATER, Aline Templeton
  22. 4.7, DEATH COMES AS AN END, Agatha Christie
  23. 4.3, THE CASE OF THE POISONED CHOCOLATES, Anthony Berkeley
  24. 4.4, BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP, S.J. Watson
  25. 4.4, THE RESURRECTION MEN, Sara Fraser
  26. 4.6, THE VAULT, Ruth Rendell
  27. 4.2, STEPS TO HEAVEN, Wendy Cartmell
  28. 3.5, OUR KIND OF TRAITOR, John Le Carre
  29. 4.2, TOWARDS ZERO, Agatha Christie
  30. 4.2, THE ANATOMY OF GHOSTS, Andrew Taylor
  31. 4.0, Some Agatha Christie Short Stories
  32. 4.4, CROOKED HOUSE, Agatha Christie
  33. 4.8, CHELSEA MANSIONS, Barry Maitland
  34. 4.6, A MURDER IS ANNOUNCED, Agatha Christie 
  35. 4.6, LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER, Aline Templeton
  36. 4.2, THEY CAME TO BAGHDAD, Agatha Christie
  37. 4.5, A ROOM FULL OF BONES, Elly Griffiths 
  38. 4.7, THE IMPOSSIBLE DEAD, Ian Rankin
  40. 4.1 THE KILLINGS ON JUBILEE TERRACE, Robert Barnard 
  41. 4.4, MRS McGINTY'S DEAD, Agatha Christie
  42. 5.0, COP TO CORPSE, Peter Lovesey
  43. 4.5, THE HOUSE OF SILK, Anthony Horowitz 
  44. 4.5, THE HEADHUNTERS, Peter Lovesey 
  45. 4.6, THE CROWDED GRAVE, Martin Walker 
  46. 4.5, THE CORONER, M.R. Hall 
  47. 4.2, DRY BONES, Margaret Mayhew 
  48. 3.7, CLASSIC DETECTIVE STORIES, read by Edward Hardwicke
  49. 4.5, LONG TIME COMING, Robert Goddard 
  50. 5.0, THE GLASS ROOM, Ann Cleeves


Susan said...

I really enjoyed seeing your list and what I've read on them! I just left a comment on your Peter Lovesey post, since I hadn't read it yet (nor the book). I'm delighted it rated a 5 from you. I'm also working my way through Ann Cleeves, though reading the Jimmy Perez series first. You are really enjoying Vera Stanhope also, so I think I have the first one in that series also.

I have The Impossible Dead lined up to read shortly, it's fun to see the quality of writing is keeping up in the series, even with a different detective. I'm excited that Rebus is back in the next one in the series, too, and Siobhan Clarke. It will be interesting to see them all relating to one another!

Kerri Farley said...

I LOVE British Crime fiction. What a GREAt list - and quite a few I'm not familiar with ..... so let the Reading begin :)

Nikki in Niagara said...

I love your list and seeing what books and/or authors I've read. I seem to, by default, read a lot of British authors as well. I'd love to join this challenge if it comes up again for the new year!

Marce said...

I enjoy when you share your lists. Lots of AgathaC, I have only read And Then There were None.

I haven't read Ian Rankin before but really want to.


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