18 September 2012

Crime Fiction Alphabet: R is for Ruth Rendell

Continuing with my decision to feature books I've read this year, then my choice for the letter R is Ruth Rendell.

This year I've read THE VAULT which led me to search out and re-read an earlier book THE BEST MAN TO DIE.
I've also read A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES

Next time I use my Kindle, I plan to read her latest,  - THE SAINT ZITA SOCIETY.

Rendell has been a firm favourite ever since I "discovered" her 40 years ago.

In THE VAULT written in 2011, Reg Wexford has retired and at rather a loose end.  He decides to take up an offer of being an unpaid serious crimes adviser thinking it will add meaning to his life. See more, including reference to the connection with THE BEST MAN TO DIE. written in 1969. 

See what others have chosen for letter R.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I really like Ruth Rendell's work too. I'm very glad you featured her this week. What I admire is her ability to not just keep the Reg Wexford series strong but also to create some wonderful standalones. And then there's her work as Barbara Vine...

TracyK said...

I too have been reading Ruth Rendell for a long time. I haven't quite finished the Wexford series, up to Monster in a Box, and it is your review of A Sight for Sore Eyes which prompted me to buy that book, to read before I move on to the Vault. I have reread some of the earlier books in the series. She is a talented author.


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