29 September 2012

My local library joins the big world

One of the terrific things about my local library has been its membership of a group of seven, the SWAP network, which gave us access to books from a group of local libraries.
This has provided a terrific service.

But now the Campbelltown Library has become one of the early joiners of One Card, an initiative to network all South Australian Public Libraries.

These libraries are generally funded by their local councils and provide services free of cost.

How lucky are we?

And what a tribute to NYOR 2012, Australia's National Year of Reading. 

Our libraries are vibrant places providing wonderful service.

Find out more about the One Card rollout here. It began 6 months ago and will take approximately 3 years. It will give users access to millions of items.

The Campbelltown Public Library provides books for all ages, including an amazing children's section, magazines and newspapers, books in a variety of languages reflecting the multicultural nature of the council area, videos, audio books, CDS etc., a toy library, computers for individual use and a computer lab, children's sessions, after school clubs, a JP service, quiet reading areas, and small meeting spaces.


Marg said...

Such a logical idea!

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Oh, that's good news! And it really does make a lot of sense to do that.


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