7 September 2012

They just leapt off the shelf..

There's a very good reason, well two really, why I don't browse the actual shelves of my local library.

The first is that they have such a good crime fiction collection that I have become very adept at using the online catalogue.
Currently it combines the resources of 7 local libraries and on September 27 will join the state wide public libraries network. So basically I reserve the books online, they notify me when they are available, and I just toddle in to collect them. That way I avoid looking at shelves, spinners, and stacks.

I really have no need to buy books either, if I am prepared to wait for them to become available. But of course that doesn't stop me.

The second reason relates to the fact that I am just incapable of browsing shelves. For the same reason I can't go into a bookshop.
So I should have known better today. My husband was looking through the CD collection and I really should have  stayed where I was, sitting in a comfy seat waiting for him. I had collected one book I had reserved from the catalogue and picked up some board books for the granddaughter. But no, I had to wander off to look at the "new acquisitions" shelves. I'll just look, I promised myself.
And that's when it happened.

I found myself toting away 3 more books. I swear they just leapt off the shelf...


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - LOL! It's good to know that I'm not the only one who falls into that trip! And you do have a lovely library - what a great 'photo.

Marg said...

I don't generally browse at the library for similar reasons

Marina Sofia said...

But that's why I love going to the library... don't take away one of our last remaining legal pleasures!


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