26 January 2013

Best Crime Fiction 2012 - Top Books

I've been collecting suggestions for the best crime fiction fellow bloggers read in 2012 and have culled lists from 28 blogs, and put together a total list of 366 books.

Some bloggers have focussed on books published in 2012 while others have rated all that they read, regardless of the year of publication. Some have focussed on mysteries, while others, like me, have ranged wider.

What is strange about the list I have put together is that no one book dominates, no one author either. There is a very wide diversity. Some British and European authors you might have expected to dominate are missing.
There are many new-to-me titles  Some of the books in the list were on my own list of good reads, but not necessarily in my top 10. I think the lists will give you plenty to consider.

So today I will give you those books that were nominated more than once. Tomorrow I will give you the authors who received more than one nomination and there some "stand outs" on that list.
Then later in the week I'll give you the full list arranged alphabetically by title.

There were 12 titles nominated 3 times and another 36 nominated twice.

Titles nominated 3 times
  • BROKEN HARBOR by French, Tana
  • DARE ME    by Abbott, Megan
  • GONE GIRL by Flynn, Gillian
  • LAKE COUNTRY by  Dolittle, Sean
  • LAST WILL by Marklund, Lisa
  • PHANTOM    by Nesbo, Jo
  • THE CALLER by Fossum, Karin
  • THE COLD, COLD GROUND by McKinty, Adrian
  • THE GODS OF GOTHAM by Faye, Lindsay
  • THE NAMELESS DEAD by McGilloway, Brian
  • WHAT IT WAS by Pelecanos, George
Titles nominated twice
  • 7 DAYS by Meyer, Deon
  • A KILLING IN THE HILLS by Keller, Julia
  • A SPARK OF DEATH by Pajer, Bernadette
  • BEDS OF NAILS by Varenne, Antonin
  • BEFORE THE POISON by Robinson, Peter
  • BIG MARIA by Shaw, Johnny
  • BLACK SKIES by Indridason, Arnaldur
  • BLACKBIRDS by Wendig, Chuck
  • EDGE OF DARK WATER by Landsdale, Joe R.
  • GONE by Hayder, Mo
  • GROWING UP DEAD IN TEXAS by Jones, Stephen Graham
  • HELL ON CHURCH STREET by Hinkson, Jake
  • MIXED BLOOD by Smith, Roger
  • MOCKINGBIRD by Wendig, Chuck
  • NINE MAN'S MURDER by Keith, Eric
  • NOT DEAD YET by James, Peter
  • THE BAT by Rinehart, Mary Roberts
  • THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY by Penny, Louise
  • THE BLACKHOUSE by May, Peter
  • THE DEATH OF THE MANTIS by Stanley, Michael
  • THE FEAR ARTIST by Hallinan, Timothy
  • THE GIRL ON THE STAIRS by Welsh, Louise
  • THE HOUR OF THE WOLF by Nesser, Hakan
  • THE LAST POLICEMAN by Winters, Ben H.
  • THE KINGS OF COOL by Winslow, Don
  • THE NINTH STEP by Jerkins, Grant
  • THE POTTER'S FIELD by Camilleri, Andrea
  • THE PROPHET by Koryta, Michael
  • THE QUARRY by Theorin, Johan
  • THE SUMMER OF DEAD TOYS by Hill, Antonio
  • THE SUSPECT by Wright, L.R.
  • THE WRONG GOODBYE by Holm, Chris F.
  • TRACKERS by Meyer, Deon
  • WEE ROCKETS by Brennan, Gerard
  • WHERE THE DEVIL CAN'T GO by Lipska, Anya


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks very much for this. I have to admit I'm not surprised at the tallies. Of course, it's also a reminder of all of the great novels I didn't get the chance to read *sigh*...

Marce said...

I'm excited that you do this annually, thank you.

Happy to see Another Time, Another Life 1st, that is my can't wait to read book this year.

TracyK said...

Thanks for doing the computations. This gives me a good list to follow up on.

Bev Hankins said...

Love seeing this list each year. Even if it does add to my already too long TBR list. :-)


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