29 January 2013

Best Crime Fiction 2012 - the contributors

I collected suggestions for the best crime fiction fellow bloggers read in 2012 and have culled lists from 28 blogs, and put together a total list of 366 books.

Some bloggers have focussed on books published in 2012 while others have rated all that they read, regardless of the year of publication. Some have focussed on mysteries, while others, like me, have ranged wider.

Lists like these wouldn't happen if there were no contributions, so many thanks to those who added their posts to Mr Linky.
I also took the liberty of adding others that I noticed on the blogging by-ways.

You might like to add these blogs to those that you regularly check, so I'm listing them all below.

If you are looking for authors or books  mentioned many times see
Blogs I consulted

1. Rob Kitchin - View from Blue House
2. Bev@My Reader's Block
3. Jose Ignacio - The Game's Afoot
4. Margaret @ BooksPlease
5. Puzzle Doctor @ In Search Of The Classic Mystery Novel
6. Barbara Fister's Place
7. TracyK@Bitter Tea & Mystery
8. Mysteries and More from Saskatchewan
9. Philip Young @ To Be Read
10. Bernadette from Reactions to Reading
11. Josh from Just a Guy...All Noir Best Reads!
12. Col's Criminal Library
13. MiP - Kerrie
14. Moira @ Clothes in Books
15. Harvee@BookDilettante
16. Cat @ Tell Me a Story
17. John Sheridan @ The Mystery Bookshelf
18. a hot cup of pleasure
19. Sarah @ crimepieces
20. Spinetingler's choices
21. Publicsphere's best 5 reads
22. January Magazine Part 2
23. January Magazine Part 1
24. RavenCrime's Top Reads
25. Dalene @ A Date with a Book
26. Dalene @ A Date with a Book
27. EuroCrime choices - favourite reads 2012
28. EuroCrime choices - favourite European reads 2012

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