5 January 2013

My Best Reads for 2012

They are all recent publications, many 2012, and I'm pleased to say there are two Australian authors among them. (**)

There are only two translated books (T) which surprised me, but there are two by Louise Penny for which I make no apology, and Peter Robinson's book makes it 3 by a Canadian author.

There 3 by British authors, again not surprising when you consider that British crime fiction makes up nearly half of my reading in 2012.

I don't think the order of listing means a lot, nor is there much difference between the last 3 and the others.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Hm... Cleeves, Theorin, Penny, Robinson, Erskine... Yes, I'd have to say you've got some terrific choices here. I'm glad you found so many 'winners.'

Joe Barone said...

Thanks. I enjoy reading these kinds of lists. They help me find good books. --Joe.

Harvee said...

I've only read one on your list. Makes me think I'm missing a lot of good mysteries!

Irene said...

Impressive list,I've enjoyed a few of Louise Penny's books, on your recommendation too. Thanks.

Marce said...

Great list, I haven't read any of those but my must reads are Gone and The Brotherhood, hoping to read both this year. I also really want to try Louise Penny.

Susan said...

The Quarry hasn't been released here yet, but I can get one through Book Depository. I've read the other two in the series, so delighted you've liked the third one that it gets into your top books.

I'm about to read A Trick of the Light - the previous one, Bury Your Dead, made it into my top books read for 2012.

I am waiting for the Peter Robinson to come out in softcover to read. I enjoys his mysteries very much.

A good list, Kerrie, and as always, a good resource too! Have a Happy 2013 in reading.

Sulari Gentill said...

Delighted AFRTM made your list Kerrie. Thank you.

Elizabeth said...

Love Louise Penny and Agatha Christie.

What a GREAT blog...NEW FOLLOWER and new e-mail subscriber.

I will be back OFTEN.

My Favorites of 2012 are below.

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