14 January 2013

Challenges I'm joining in 2013


I've basically decided to go with the challenges that I worked on last year. The challenges are mainly to give my reading some structure and some are much more challenging than others. I reserve the right to abandon  a challenge during the year, or to pick up a new one.

The list looks a bit formidable at present but it isn't really as so many of my challenges overlap, even though I restrict them almost totally to crime fiction.

The reading challenges I've joined
 Personal reading challenges
  • American authors: currently x/20
  • translated, currently x - last year 27
  • New Zealand, currently x/4
  • new to me: currently x - last year 48
  • not crime fiction: currently  
My Update page will show throughout the year how I'm going in each challenge.


Marg said...

Glad to have you on board for the Historical Fiction challenge again!

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I am so much in awe of the challenges you take on...


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