15 January 2009

Authors and their characters face to face

My last two posts have set me wondering if many crime fiction authors have ever met actors who have played their characters in TV series, and if so, what did they think of them?

You may need to help me out here.

Pictures tell their own story don't they? Ellis Peters it seems met Sir Derek Jacobi.

We know that Colin Dexter met John Thaw, even counted him as friend.

In an interview Dexter said "I had good fortune with John, who fitted in exactly. He never influenced my subsequent writing of Morse because I did not have to change the character, he was actually what he was in the books."

And yes, Agatha Christie met Joan Hickson, even before she portayed Miss Marple. I am sure I have seen a photo of them together, on Agatha Christie's 80th birthday or similar, but haven't been able to find it today.

However there is this from the Agatha Christie site:
    Joan’s connections with Agatha Christie go back to 1937, when she appeared as Emmy in Love from a Stranger. Then in 1962, she played Mrs Kidder in Murder She Said which starred Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple. It was on the set of this film that Joan first met Agatha Christie: Agatha did not see Margaret Rutherford as the ideal Miss Marple. She said to me, ‘Some day I would like you to play my Miss Marple.’ I was quite taken aback, as I was young at the time.”
As far as I can work out there are no pictures of Agatha Christie with Margaret Rutherford, and David Suchet did not begin playing Poirot until well after her death in 1976.

And yes, Val McDermid has met Robson Green:
It was great fun to meet the actors who are bringing Patrick Harbinson's dynamic script to life. Robson Green is excelling himself in the role of Tony Hill, and Hermione Norris (the blonde one in Cold Feet) is the perfect foil as Detective Inspector Carol Jordan, bringing real intelligence and strength to it. The supporting actors are a great team, playing off each other to give the adaptation tremendous energy. I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing it on screen, which is not something authors can often say.

So over to you! What other duos can you think of?
Give me some other links to check!


Bernadette said...

Great idea for a topic Kerrie.

This address will take you to a video of Elizabeth George talking about the TV adaptation of her Lynley and Havers novels. It would appear she has met Nathanial Parker from what she says. She's much more forgiving of the adaptation than I am :)


Bernadette said...

I couldn't get html working in the comments box but this is the address of a picture of the three of them together


Kerrie said...

Thanks for them Bernadette. I can see I'll have to do a follow up post soemtime. Too much to write about!

Abigail Carter said...

What an interesting topic, Kerrie. As someone who writes fiction (my blog is a fiction book in progress) I've sometimes wondered what would happen if the impossible happened and it got made into a film/TV series. Who would they get to play Abigail? I would be very interested to visit the set and the actors ...

- Kathryn.

Dorte H said...

Hi Kerrie.
A very original idea!
I am quite sure I have seen photos of Roy Marsden (Adam Dalgliesh) together with P.D. James in her biography.

Kerrie said...

Who would you like to see as Abigail Kathryn. Do you have a mental picture of her.

Thanks for the suggestion Dorte. I'll see if I can find one of those

Dorte H said...

You are welcome!

As blogging & reviewing is so new to me, I´d better ask you if it is okay to copy great ideas like this or if anyone would consider it ´stealing ideas´?
(If I did copy this soon I would remember where I got the idea and tell you + refer to your blog, but my memory is like a sieve so ....)

Kerrie said...

In the blogging world we do that all the time Dorte. We usually refer and link to the original blog. I would be flattered.

Kerrie said...

Another one: John Morimer with Leo McKern (Rumpole)


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