13 January 2009

Review: AGATHA RAISIN and the WELLSPRING of DEATH, M.C. Beaton

Robinson, 1998, ISBN 978-1-84529-319-2, 250 pages.

Agatha Raisin is finding life in the small village of Carsley just a bit boring. The current village gossip concerns the spring of water in the neighbouring village of Ancombe. In the past water from the spring was thought to have restorative properties, but now public opinion is divided on whether a bid by a water company to buy and bottle the water will be a good thing for the village. Those who have lived in the villages all their lives make their feelings about commercialiastion and "incomers" very clear.

Feelings are running high, the local council is divided, and then Agatha finds the body of the Chairman of the Parish Council in the spring. Perverse as always Agatha decides to take a job as public relations for the water company.

Part of Agatha's misery concerns her relationship with her next door neighbour James Lacey, and so when the younger partner of the water company courts her, she is ripe for the picking.

I must admit the Agatha Raisin novels are growing on me. She is still a silly woman, and the situations she gets into are nearly all of her own making. But there are characters such as Agatha's loyal friends Roy Silver and the rector's wife Mrs Bloxby who sustain my interest. If you are looking for a light cozy then this may suit.

My rating: 3.5

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Elaine said...

I found the first three of these in a box set at a book sale last year, took them home, read them, loved Agatha and then read all of them one after the other.

Great fun

Kerrie said...

Good to hear Elaine. My first experience wasn't a good one then I listened to some read by Penelope Keith and have enjoyed them much better

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've read a lot of them. I've seen the series but never tried them - the name is very engaging, though, for a mystery lover.

Kaye said...

Agatha Raisin is sometimes annoying and this mystery series is definitely brain candy! But, I love the series. You can read one of these books in a day and some are better than others and yet I have read every one and always look forward to the next. Beaton's Hamish McBeth series is good too.


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