26 January 2009

Made in Australia

Among other things, this blog is proudly Australian, and often celebrates crime fiction written by Australian authors.

Today is Australia Day, 26 January 2009, and my blog has come a long way since the post I wrote on Australia Day 2008. That post will give you a lot of cultural directions, where to find out some Australian history, and a quiz to test your knowledge of Australia.

Throughout the blog I've used the tags Australian author, Australian crime fiction, and I've talked about Australian awards such as the Davitt Award, and the Ned Kelly Award.

In the last year I've talked about Adelaide Writers' Week, Anzac Day, the Melbourne Writers Festival, and hosted two sessions of the Carnival for Criminal Minds: Carnival #18 and Carnival #29.

I hope all of these links convince you that we have some Australian crime fiction writers worth looking for.

How are you celebrating Australia Day? I am in Fremantle today, away from home in good old Adelaide.


Vanda Symon said...

I wasn't aware it was Australia day today until my nine-year-old came in and asked me what the date was. When I said the 26th he said, great, it's Australia day. I said, how on earth do you know that? He said, there's and all Australia special on Animal Planet and I've been waiting for it for weeks.

So there you go, a nine-year-old New Zealand boy was looking forward to Australia day.

By the way, I think Australia has an incredible wealth of crime writers.

Mack said...

Vanda, I tuned into one of those Animal Planet episodes where I learned about yet another Australian creature that wants to kill me. This time it was the irukandji box jellyfish. Looks like Kerrie is safe since she lives in the south.

sally906 said...

Happy Aussie day - enjoy your cruise - kick back with a wine and a book - perfect :)

Dorte H said...

A very appealing post! I must admit that apart from Michael Robotham, I hardly know other Australian writers than Lawson so you can definitely teach me a lot :)

Marg said...

Happy Australia Day!

We are following Aussie tradition by having a barbecue with family, a couple of drinks, maybe a bit of friendly sporting competition (a table tennis tournament) etc.

Enjoy your holiday! I love spending time in Perth and Fremantle. It helps that that is where a lot of my family lives!

Uriah Robinson said...

Happy Australia Day and try and not think about losing the Ashes this year. ;0)

pattinase (abbott) said...

And it's great to get an Aussie's take on things! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good on Yer!

Wish I was in Fremantle instead of shivering over a cup of Bovril in Blighty...


Peter Rozovsky said...

That is one fine map. I think I'll print it out, stick it where I can see it, and daydream about a trip to Australia.
Detectives Beyond Borders
“Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

Kerrie said...

We enjoyed Australia Day in Fremantle. Had a BBQed snag (sausage for those who have problem with the lingo) with fried onions, bread and tomato sauce, and a wonderful fireworks display


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