24 January 2009

Guest Blogger: Me on writing book reviews

Many thanks to Clark Bjorne, the "barker" of the Book Review Blog Carnival who invited me to contribute a post about writing book reviews.

To those who follow my blog, my post One Person's View of Book Reviewing will be familiar territory, but maybe you are a newbie around here, or you've just dropped in to find out about guidelines for book reviewing.

If you are not familiar with the Book Review Blog Carnival then check out the widget which I have running down on the bottom right of my side bar.

The current Book Review Blog Carnival is running at Breeni Books. If you do write book reviews of any sort why not contribute a link and description of your review on the submissions page? The carnival accepts all categories of book reviews, fiction, non-fiction etc. Theoretically participation should drive a few people to your blog, but there is a certain thrill about seeing your links featured on someone else's blog too.

For those who are here because you read Agatha Christie novels, consider submitting your next review (or all your reviews past and future) to the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival which I developed after I had seen the idea functioning on the Book Review Blog Carnival.

Once again you will find the "live" widget down in the bottom right corner, but you can also go to the home page of the carnival and view the postings there. Your submissions to the carnival are made here. Be sure to put your submission into one of the categories and to write a brief teaser for your review.

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