27 January 2009

Going a bit quiet for a week

Regular readers of my blog may wonder why I'm not posting. Well here's the reason. On Sunday we flew from Adelaide to Fremantle and today we join a cruise to go home.

I'm anticipating I may be without internet connection, but never fear, I have plenty of books with me, so eventually there will be many reviews to post.

Interestingly this is the liner that passengers claimed was attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia in December last year.


Dorte H said...

Have a safe journey!
You are not going anything near Somalia, are you :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun, Kerrie. I sometimes think of this kind of thing, if I ever manage to quit. (Or, perhaps more to the point, if my husband does.) Look forward to your posts when you return!

Marg said...

You chose a good time to not be in Adelaide!

Enjoy your cruise!

Leon1234 said...

Be safe! Write more..

pattinase (abbott) said...

Be safe.

Kerrie said...

we have returned today to very very hot Adelaide. Ironically we saw almost no sun for the entire cruise and most days the temp did not make it to 20 C


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