13 January 2009

Cadfael: a reprise

A posting on Books to the Ceiling today had the following wonderful picture of Sir Derek Jacobi as Brother Cadfael with Cadfael's creator Ellis Peters.

I blogged about the series last week in Forgotten Book: A MORBID TASTE FOR BONES, Ellis Peters saying I thought it would be a rare reader of crime fiction who hadn't read at least one.

Books to the Ceiling concurs with my view:
If you haven’t read the Brother Cadfael novels, give yourself a treat and pick one up. Then watch the DVD’s in which Sir Derek Jacobi brings the sleuthing monk (monkish sleuth?) memorably to life.

I decided to see what I could find on YouTube for you to enjoy.
Here are a couple:

A Tribute to Cadfael

Virgin On the Ice


Mack said...

I like the Cadfael books a great deal and your post is inspiring me to re-read them. However I couldn't get into Derek Jacobi as Cadfael. Not that his acting was inferior, he just didn't look like Cadfael who I always imagined as looking a bit like Richard Burton who was Welsh like Cadfael. Jacobi looked more patrician than a Welsh ex-mercenary.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever read any of these books...if I did it was long ago before I started keeping track. But none of it sounds familiar. Haven't seen the series either. I shall make a note to check out both my book library and Quickflix to see if the series is available.

Kerrie said...

Take your point Mack. I had watched I, Claudius so I was a Jacobi convert. I thought Cadfael himself was a better monk than a Crusader. I had a bit of trouble imagining the later.

I hope you'll enjoy the films/books Bernadette.


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