5 January 2009

What we said - tops in 2008

40 crime fiction readers have listed 396 books.
I've narrowed the list down to the top 21, all of them chosen by at least 3 people.

The runaway leader with 11 "votes" was
followed by
7 - SHATTER by Michael Robotham
6 - WHEN WILL THERE BE GOOD NEWS? by Kate Atkinson
5 - THE COLD DISH by Craig Johnson
4 - NO TIME FOR GOODBYE by Linwood Barclay
3 - A SLIP OF THE KNIFE by Denise Mina
3 - BLACK SECONDS by Karin Fossum
3 - CHILD 44 by Tom Rob Smith
3 - DIAMOND DOVE by Adrian Hyland
3 - IN THE WOODS by Tana French
3 - SILENT IN THE GRAVE by Deanna Raybourn
3 - THE BRASS VERDICT by Michael Connelly
3 - THE DRAINING LAKE by Arnaldur Indridason
3 - THE LIKENESS by Tana French
3 - TRIGGER CITY by Sean Chercover
3 - VODKA DOESN'T FREEZE by Leah Giarratano
3 - WHITE NIGHTS by Ann Cleeves

The crime fiction readers/bloggers who participated - many thanks.
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Marg - Reading Adventures
Lourdes - Lost in Books
Kerrie - Mysteries in Paradise
Nicole - Life in Books
Carey - The Tome Traveller
Roberta from Books to the Ceiling
Sally from Books and Musings from Downunder
Patti from Pattinase
Lesa from Lesa's Book Critiques
Sunnie from Sunnie's Book Blog
Shirley - Rhubarbwhine
Bernadette - Reactions to Reading
Ali - The Existentialist Man (and The Rap Sheet)
Corey - The Drowning Machine
Maria - Bear Mountain Books
Cathy - Kittling Books
Marg - Books Please
Barbara - Barbara Fister's Place
CT - The Mystery Book Shelf
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Gerard - Crime Scene NI
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Mack - Mack Captures Crime
Sara - Sara Reports
Elaine - Georgette Heyer Challenge
Jeff - The Rap Sheet

More tomorrow...


Marg said...

I am not surprised to see Girl With a Dragon Tattoo at the top of the list! I am waiting impatiently to get hold of the sequel from the library!

Anonymous said...

I am on a wait list to read GWDT :( I may have to bite the bullet and buy it!

paul d brazill said...

Nice to see mr mcfetridge there. He's the real deal, as they say.

Mack said...

Hmm, I've only read 4 of the top 21 though I do have Brass Verdict and The Likeness on reserve at the library so that sort of counts.

paul d brazill said...

Actually, I've read none, but really like mr mcf's short stories. the number 1 is the least interesting to me but it is well thought of. all worth checking out though, i'm sure.

Reg said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, and I hope the British editing didn't dampen your enthusiasm for the story. The second book is even better, with lots more Lisbeth Salander in it. See Ali Karim's blog for more info. [SPOILER ALERT, maybe too much info] http://therapsheet.blogspot.com/2009/

Best, "Reg Keeland"

Reg said...

P.S. Actually, a better bet is Maxine's review at EuroCrime, which doesn't give away so much.


Bernadette said...

What a great job you've done Kerrie. It seems from that list I have a few more books to add to my wishlist because I've only read three of those.

Kerrie said...

Thanks everyone. I have a lot of reading to do too.

Uriah Robinson said...

Reg is right Maxine's review is excellent and The Girl Who Played with Fire is a much better book than The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I am on page 385 of TGWPWF and wondering how this one is going to end.

Mack said...

After reading Reg and Maxine's comments/reviews, I decided not to wait for the US edition of The Girl Who Played With Fire and ordered the UK ed. I expect it any day now. I don't mind sharing dinner with the cats - cod, sole and shrimp sounds quite tasty.

Kerrie said...

TGWPWF - I haven't got a copy yet, but I really should. You certainly sound as if you like it better Norm, and I look forward to reading the reviews from both you and from Mack. I know Bernadette has it in the wings so to speak too.

Reg said...

Kerrie, I highly recommend Mari Jungstedt's latest set on Gotland, THE INNER CIRCLE, translated by my wife Tiina Nunnally. Jungstedt keeps getting better and better. You can probably get a freebie from St. Martins.

Kerrie said...

I haven't tried any Jungstedt Reg. Thanks for the tip


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