18 January 2009

Sunday Salon #3 - 18 January 2009

Already I've broken a rather tentative New Year's resolution. It was tentative because I wasn't sure I could keep it - and as it turns out I was right.
I looked at how many posts I made in 2008 (456 in 365 days, an average of 1.3 a day), and resolved to post less. So far I've posted 29 times in 18 days in January 2009 which is an average of 1.6 a day, so I'm not doing well am I?
I'll be away later this month so maybe that is an opportunity to put my blog on a diet!

Last weekend I tried to get round to every Sunday Salon posting which I have coming in to my RSS reader. It was a mammoth but very engrossing journey. Sorry if I ran out of steam in leaving comments.

Watch out for
  • The inaugural Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival.
    You can submit a link to any postings you have made that review Agatha Christie books by going to the Carnival collecting space and putting in the URL, your details, and a comment about the post.
    The January Carnival closes on January 20. Any links submitted after that go into February etc.
    The links submitted for the January Carnival will be posted on January 23.
  • The next Book Review Blog Carnival goes up later today at Breeni Books
    I've been contributing my book reviews as I've posted them here on my blog, so I'm looking forward to seeing them on the website. If you are interested go to the Carnival home and check out the details. The Book Rack is the place to check the current Carnival.
This week's postings:
Breaking News:
I'm currently reading:
  • now - DOORS OPEN by Ian Rankin.
  • next - THE BIG FOUR, Agatha Christie
  • sometime soon - THE 19TH WIFE, David Ebershoff
  • also listening to - CORDUROY MANSIONS, Alexander McCall Smith, ready for ch. 81
  • in the car - SEVEN ANCIENT WONDERS, Matthew Reilly
My 40th Sunday Salon ever.


pussreboots said...

Posting less is one of my goals but I don't seem to be following it to the letter either.

Kerrie said...

There is alawys so much to write about isn't there?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that your number of posts last year is almost exactly the same as the number of books read by Sarah Weinmann!

Marie Cloutier said...

It's a hard habit to break! :-)

Anonymous said...

Gosh you are busy, but then blogging is as addictive as reading, isn't it?

Irish said...

I don't see any problem with posting a lot...if you have something to say then go for it!

There are also so many Sunday Salon participants that its really hard to almost impossible to get to everyone. I've taken to blocking out a period of time in the morning and evening (for the late arrivals) and then just picking picking posts out at random from my reader.

Book Lover Lisa said...

Hmm. I've seen lots of people resolving to post more, but not so many trying to post less. But I do the same thing with reading. I always resolve to spend less time reading, and more time living.

Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

I always find that when I want to take a break from blogging or just to slow things down is when I go crazy thinking of new things to write about!

Kerrie said...

Maxine - I guess most of the time I spend blogging I wouldn't actually spend reading, but her number of books was staggering wasn't it?

Marie, Michelle, BooksPlease - I see something new, and the brain says " that would be a good blog topic!"

Irish - that seems a good strategy, but then I would have the quandary of who to pick. I can actually usually read the full post in my RSS reader so I am being a bit selective about who I go to comment on. Last week I made the disastrous decision to receive follow up comments by email. My in box just overflowed so I've decided not to do that again. I think there are roughly 100 or so active Sunday saloners

Lisa said...

I'm impressed that you try to get around to all the Sunday Salons! That's a huge goal

The Bookworm said...

sounds like you had a busy week :)
i've been thinking if I should post less too...lol...i'm averaging 2 per day.


Kerrie said...

Thanks for visiting Lisa and Naida

Anonymous said...

wow - and I thought I posted a lot! YOU WIN. If it's fun, why not!?

Kerrie said...

I certainly enjoy doing it bkclubcare


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