20 January 2009

Fair Dinkum Crime at LCC

Left Coast Crime is getting closer, and you could say that our little Australian contingent is getting just a bit excited.

It is all getting to the pointy end, and I am moderating a panel called Fair Dinkum Crime, six of us, including Sunnie and Helen, talking about the best in Australian crime fiction.

If you are going to be there, then we are item 67, 9-9.45 am on Thursday morning, 12 March.

If you haven't yet booked, I think there are still spaces. Just click on the image and it will take you to the web site. Click here to see the programme.

If you are attending, leave a comment, and I'll look out for you. (or you could look out for me).


Marg said...

I'd love to say I'll catch up with you there, but sadly it wouldn't quite be the truth! ;-)

Kerrie said...

I'm going to try to blog while I'm there Marg, so perhaps you can enjoy the experience vicariously :-)

Anonymous said...

That's great news - and very exciting for you guys to be on a panel. Hope you don't get as nervous as I do : )

Kerrie said...

Thanks Phillipa. I don't suppose you have any promo copies we could take with us as prizes do you? Perhaps email me off blog. kasmith9@esc.net.au


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