11 January 2009

Sunday Salon #2 (39) - 11 January 2009

First of all my apologies for not getting around to people's blogs in the last week.
I've got a bit over ambitious with things and snowed under with emails and blog postings.

I hope your new year has started well with some good books. Mine certainly has.

This week's postings
What I've read so far in 2009
I'm participating in National Just Read More Novels Month:NaJuReMoNoMo siteBreaking News:
  • Competition on Rafe's Blog
    Rafe McGregor is giving away a hamper of six mystery and supernatural books, all signed by their respective authors (and editors for the collections)
  • Book Review Carnival at Bloody-Kisses.Org
    If you want to advertise your book reviews more widely, here is your chance. The Book Review Carnival happens every fortnight, so you can make it an ongoing project.
I'm currently reading
  • sometime soon - THE 19TH WIFE, David Ebershoff
  • also listening to - CORDUROY MANSIONS, Alexander McCall Smith, up to ch. 74
  • in the car - SEVEN ANCIENT WONDERS, Matthew Reilly
Looking for Australian crime fiction to read? Don't forget to check Carnival of Criminal Minds #29 - Murder in the Outback


Anonymous said...

Kerrie, I'll be interested to hear what you think about THE 19TH WIFE. It was one of my regular fiction top 10 for 2008.

Kim said...

Sometimes I can't believe that with all my reading, I have never read Agatha Christie! One of these days I should remedy that!

Kerrie said...

Kay, I must admot the 19th wife has been sitting in the to be finished pile for a while. I must do something about that.

Kim - Some Aggies are better than others. The Mysterious Affair at Styles or Murder on the Links should be safe places to start. Perhaps the former as it is Poirot's first case.


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