1 August 2009

My Last 20 Books #1

I saw this meme over at Kittling Books, and I do hope Cathy doesn't mind that I've linked to her image. As you will realise, I don't need much prompting to write yet another blog post.

Here are the last 20 books I've read, and where I acquired them.
  1. FROM DOON WITH DEATH, Ruth Rendell - BN - discussion book for oz_mystery_readers
  2. LUCIFER'S SHADOW, David Hewson - A
  3. SHADOWS STILL REMAIN, Peter de Jonge - BN - discussion book for face to face group
  4. THE THIRTEEN PROBLEMS, Agatha Christie - BS - for Agatha Christie Carnival
  6. SHATTER, Michael Robotham - A - discussion book for 4MA
  7. SHADOW, Karin Alvtegen - BN
  8. PERIL AT END HOUSE, Agatha Christie - BS - Agatha Christie Carnival
  9. THE REDEEMER, Jo Nesbo - RV - from Random House Australia
  10. NAME TO A FACE, Robert Goddard - A
  11. THE MYSTERIOUS MR QUIN, Agatha Christie - LL - Agatha Christie Carnival
  12. RITUAL, Mo Hayder - BN
  13. RETIREMENT HOMES ARE MURDER, Mike Befeler - RV - Mike gave us this at LCC
  14. SILENT IN THE GRAVE, Deanna Raybourn - LL - - discussion book for oz_mystery_readers
  15. UNSEEN, Mari Jungstedt - BN
  16. SEARCH THE DARK, Charles Todd - A - discussion book for face to face group
  17. THE BAD POLICEMAN, Helen Hodgman - LL - - discussion book for oz_mystery_readers
  18. PUBLISH OR PERISH, Margot Kinberg - RV - Margot sent me this
  19. THE SITTAFORD MYSTERY, Agatha Christie - LL - Agatha Christie Carnival
  20. THE POISONING IN THE PUB, Simon Brett - LL
My code
LL - library loan - 5
BN - bought new - 6
BS - bought secondhand - 2
A - listened to an audio book from Audible - 4
RV - review copy - 3

As you can see, I couldn't resist the opportunity to create a chart.
My main sources for new reads are bookstores and the library, so I was surprised that 20%, 1 in every 5, are audio books.

I write a review for every book that I read, and I don't really care if I borrowed it from the library, bought it myself, got given it by Random House Australia who regularly send books to me, or if it was sent by the author or another publisher. Anybody who writes or publishes a crime fiction novel has to wear the fact that if I don't like it, that is, it doesn't appeal to ME, then I will say so. I will try to write a fair review, and my opinion is only part of it, unless it got up my snout so much, I found it unreadable or unbearable. My review policy and guidelines are published for those who want to see them.

I do feel a bit guilty that I have so much reading on my plate, keeping up with what I want to read - for example for the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge, or for the various groups and lists I belong to - that review books only filter through very slowly, and some have been on the shelves for a long time.

Check out the links to other bloggers on this topic at Kittling Books, and the comments too.


Reg / Steve said...

Hi Kerrie, Tiina and I are proud that half of the 6 books you bought new were translated by us in our little house in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Let us know if you want any review copies, because most of our publishers send us more free ones than we have relatives who read!
--Steve Murray (aka Reg) & Tiina Nunnally

Reg / Steve said...

P.S. Those would be #5, 7 & 15.

Kerrie said...

That was probably because I was reading for the CWA dagger thingy Reg. Thanks for the offer. I have emailed you my snail mail

Cathy said...

I don't mind your linking to my image at all. It was interesting to read your info. :)


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