26 March 2010

The age of the books we read

Recently I set up a poll asking When was the book you are currently reading published?

Readers of my blog are certainly a varied lot if the poll results are anything to go by.

There were 43 respondents, and 18 of them reported their book had been published in the last 5 years. That's 40%.
Another 9 (20%) of the books had been published in the previous 10 years. That means 60% of the books had been published in the last 15 years.
At the other end of the scale, 2 of the books were published over 100 years ago.

In very practical terms, I've checked up on publication dates for the 28 books I've read this year:

1999 to 1900 - 6
1840 -1
The list tells its own story doesn't it?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for these poll results. It is really interesting to look at when the books we read were published. I'm glad we're such a diverse lot; I learn more that way : ).


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