12 March 2010

Passing on the love of reading

My daughters always loved being read to, so here is Mumma Miss Kerrie reading to some young kindy kids in my elder daughter's class at the Sheik Zayed Academy in Abu Dhabi at the beginning of this week. English is their 2nd language, but that doesn't stop them from enjoying the stories.

Here are some of her wonderful classroom. It looks magic!
Well done Kathryn!


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Oh, how wonderful! I'm so much a fan of reading with children! All of the research supports it, and let's face it, it's fun : ). I actually had a similar experience not too long ago in a local classroom. The school hosted guests who came in to read to the children, and I was honored to be one of those guests. Great fun!

Maria said...

Oh my gosh! That is a wonderful, wonderful set of pictures. How very awesome. You and the children or so adorable!!!!

Bernadette said...

very very cool

Dorte H said...

Thank you for sharing these! Teaching children to love books and literature is such a great occupation!

Anonymous said...

Kerrie, this is great. Thanks for sharing with us. The children are precious and the classroom looks wonderful! I know they had the best time with you.


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