13 March 2010

How's your Kindle going?

Thanks to various people who have contributed content for this post.

In particular thanks to Barbara Fister who pointed to the YouTube series (this one is the last but you might want to check them all out).

I was reminded today that I had this post sitting in draft, unfinished, when I came across a post on Socrates Book Reviews: Ebook Readers - Kindle vs. Nook

I've been giving my Kindle a fair work out, and currently have 65 books downloaded onto it. I've read a number of crime fiction titles on the Kindle now and have tagged a number of my posts with
The e-books I have are a combination of free, cheap, and books bought from Amazon for around $10.

 If you have a Kindle you may be interested in these tips and sites
  • Did you know that you can add not only the Kindle format (.azw), but also .mobi format to your Kindle?
  • When I bought the Kindle, Amazon supplied a USB cable for connecting my Kindle to my PC for battery charging purposes. My PC sees my Kindle as an extra drive. That means you can copy the contents of your Kindle to a folder in your PC as a backup precaution.If you find the great list of books on your Kindle offputting then back them all up to your PC, and then delete from your Kindle the ones you don't want on there, and then put them back onto your Kindle as you want them.
  • I make a lot of use of Amazon's free service that converts pdf files to .azw files. You send the pdf file as an attachment to your Amazon email address (it is of the format youremail@free.kindle.com) with the word Convert in the Subject line. Amazon will let you know the link to collect your Amazon file from. Save the file on your desktop, connect your Kindle to your PC and transfer the file to the Kindle's documents folder. When you next look at your Kindle's Home page, the book will be listed.
  • Books on the Knob Blog - gives a daily recommendation of where to pick up free or nearly free e-books. This includes $2 books on Amazon itself. The blog is worth expoloring but I also have used Feed My Inbox to get the daily posts on the blog as emails in my inbox, so I can be sure not to miss anything.
  • Many Books.net
  • Mystery titles on Free e-books
  • NetGalley offers e-book versions of books for review. Look for Poisoned Press titles or just browse the catalogue. Use Mystery as a search term.
  • Smashwords provides free and cheaper e-books. They have categories for Mystery and Detective, Thriller and Suspense, and then you can filter by Free Books.
If you have a Kindle, what tips can you add?


    file transfer software said...

    I am amazed to see the collection of such fiction books all at one place. I am very big fan of reading mysterious and fiction books and will look forward to read all of them.

    Yvonne said...

    Kerrie - Thanks so much for posting on my blog. I'm still debating whether to get the Kindle or Nook. Both are very similar. I'm still researching all this, but you've been extremely helpful!

    PK the Bookeemonster said...

    I love love love my Kindle. Not all the authors I want to read are available on it and I have many books in my TBR that I own so I've not given up paper but I enjoy having another form to read the stories I like and the convenience of downloading.


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