16 May 2010

Sunday Salon - 16 May 2010

May is turning out to be a rather slow reading month for me.
Finished so far
  1. 4.3, SMOKE & MIRRORS, Kel Robertson (May 11)
  2. 4.2, THE LISTERDALE MYSTERY, Agatha Christie (10 May)
  3. 4.2, MARCH VIOLETS, Philip Kerr (5 May) - audio
  4. 4.2, INHUMAN REMAINS, Quintin Jardine (4 May) 
Kel Robertson's book was the joint winner of the Australian Crime Writers' Ned Kelly Award in 2009 along with DEEP WATER by Peter Corris
    Currently reading
    • THE SNOWMAN, Jo Nesbo
    • Audio - THE THIRD GIRL, Agatha Christie
    Part of me really wants to get the 450+ page Jo Nesbo read so I know what happens and part just wants to savour it. I have a couple of books I want to get started on
    • B-VERY FLAT by Margot Kinsberg
    • THURSDAY NIGHT WIDOWS by Claudia Pineiro 
    My next audio book is THE FIFTH WOMAN by Henning Mankell.

    If you are interested, I really want to know your "best 10" list for Agatha Christie (or best 5, or even just the one you love)
    Leave your list as a comment on this blog post. I'm going to do a bit of spreadsheeting with the results. The final list won't be definitive I know, but will give an indication to people about where to start on Agatha Christie.

    By the way I'm hosting an edition of  the Book Review Blog Carnival on about June 6. Submit your posts after May 24 here if you want to be part of the Carnival. The current carnival is sitting at The Book Mole

    The Agatha Christie Blog Carnival will post its next edition on about May 23, and it is still not too late to submit a post. Just make sure it strictly relates to Agatha Christie please or it won't make it into the Carnival. I will accept websites and blog posts that are not your own as submissions if they are relevant.

    If you are looking for Australian crime fiction, this week I blogged about the longlist for the 2010 Ned Kelly Awards. Some good reading there.


    Anonymous said...

    Kerrie - I must get started in The Snowman, so thanks for bringing that up. I'm glad you're enjoying it as much as you are. And thanks for mentioning B-Very Flat. I hope it won't disappoint.

    Dorte H said...

    Part of me really wants to get the 450+ page Jo Nesbo read so I know what happens and part just wants to savour it.

    I know what you mean! - and it is such a pleasure when you find one of those books.


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