30 May 2010

Sunday Salon: 30 May 2010 - Book Blog Carnivals

Book Blog Carnivals are a great way of hooking up with other bloggers as well as collecting recommendations to add to your book "wish list". If you participate, then people come to your blog site to read your submission too.

The Agatha Christie Blog Carnival, published on my "other" blog earlier this week, contains, as you might expect, recommendations and links to reviews of Agatha Christie novels.

I'm hosting an edition of  the Book Review Blog Carnival on about June 6. The carnival is now open for your submissions - they don't have to be crime fiction. The current carnival is sitting at The Book Mole


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Blog carnivals really do let one get to know lots of other people. Thanks for recommending these.

Charmaine Clancy said...

Hadn't heard of Book Blog Carnivals before, thanks for the links :-)

Used Machinery said...

Most blog carnivals are hosted by a rotating list of frequent contributors to the blog carnival, and serve to both generate new posts by contributors and highlight new bloggers posting matter in that subject area...


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