9 May 2010

Sunday Salon: Global Reading Challenge adds Extremist Level

When Kiwi Craig completed the Expert level in the Global Reading Challenge this week, a mere 7 months ahead of schedule, and several of us in the Crime and Mystery Fiction Friend Feed room confessed we were also "nearly there", the brains behind it all, Dorte from DJs Krimiblog agreed to add a level.

So now the GRC has 4 levels: Easy, Medium, Expert and Extreme: 6, 12, 14, and 21 books from all over the Globe.
And from any genre! You can count any books you've read so far this year, so you might already have achieved Easy.

This week author Leighton Gage was participating in an online forum and encouraged participants to join the GRC: Well, if you're a blogger, and you love international crime, you can participate and share your thoughts with people you might not otherwise reach.
Leighton's own novels are set in Brazil and he blogs with a group of international authors (Cara Black, himself, Michael Sears & Stanley Trollip writing as Michael Stanley, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, Dan Waddell, and Tim Hallinan) at Murder is Everywhere.

So head on over to the Global Reading Challenge and put your name down!

Since I've now read 13, and am waiting for the 14th to arrive, I'll be trying for the Extreme Level.  I could backtrack and include some novels I've already read but not counted, but I think I'll just count books I read from now on.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I'm glad that the GRC has gotten such positive attention : ). I'm not anywhere near the Extreme level, so I have incredible respect for those of you who are : ).

Dorte H said...

A fine post!

I don´t plan to ´upgrade´ myself, but that is because I feel I should review more Scandinavian books on my blog. And to be honest, British books are my favourites so now and then I need a kick :D

kathy d. said...

So, my question is do we count Donna Leon's books as being from Italy? I ask as she is not Italian nor are her books translated, however, her commissario is located in Venice.

If this is a year, I'm nearly finished with 6 international books.

Kerrie Smith said...

Kathy, I would count Donna Leon - she lives in Venice- and to me her books have a very authentic feel


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