6 May 2010

Forgotten Book: SLIGHT MOURNING, Catherine Aird

This week's contribution to Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books

Published in 1975. My records show I read it in 1990.
The sixth book in the Detective Inspector Sloan series.

The blurb:
When Bill Fent dies in a car crash, the post mortem reveals a lethal dose of barbiturate. And the poison must have been administered by either his family or by a friend at his dinner party. Inspector C.D. Sloan has a murderer to uncover.

Catherine Aird (Kinn Hamilton McIntosh aka Kim Mackintosh) is the author of 22 crime novels. She was awarded an honorary MA from the University of Kent and was made an MBE for her services to the Guide Association. She lives in East Kent.

Catherine Aird is still writing, as you can see from this list from Fantastic Fiction. All these titles are in the Detective Sloan series.

1. The Religious Body (1966)
2. Henrietta Who? (1968)
4. A Late Phoenix (1970)
5. His Burial Too (1973)
6. Slight Mourning (1975)
7. Parting Breath (1977)
8. Some Die Eloquent (1979)
9. Passing Strange (1980)
10. Last Respects (1982)
11. Harm's Way (1984)
12. A Dead Liberty (1986)
13. The Body Politic (1990)
14. A Going Concern (1993)
15. Injury Time (1994)
16. After Effects (1996)
17. Stiff News (1998)
18. Little Knell (2000)
19. Amendment Of Life (2002)
20. A Hole in One (2005)
21. Losing Ground (2007)
22. Past Tense (2010)


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I've read some of Aird's work, but not this one. Thanks for calling it to my attention. That's one thing I really like about Forgotten Books..

Kerrie said...

I think this might be the only Aird I have ever read Margot, but that is some achievement to be published over 44 years isn't it?

pattinase (abbott) said...

I had no idea she was still writing but certainly read many of her books in the past.

Dorte H said...

I have never read her, but that cover is wonderful.

Richard R. said...

I read he first three or four of these and liked them a great deal. They are still on the shelf as are the next one, I think. Your post makes me want to take them out, or at least one of them, and read it. Thanks so much.


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