1 October 2011

2011 Global Reading Challenge Completed

While the last couple of books that I read for the 2011 Global Reading Challenge, particularly the last one, were disappointing, I have finished the challenge at Expert Level.

I have found the GRC a good way of ensuring that I read a good variety of books, although the fact that I am participating in a number of other challenges does that too, as does the fact that I am constantly bombarded with suggestions for reading from blogging friends, particularly through the Crime and mystery fiction room on FriendFeed.

I committed myself to reading 21 titles, all crime fiction, 3 titles each from 7 "continents". My 7th continent - historical crime fiction.
Blog site: 2011 Global Reading Challenge

Many thanks to Dorte for managing the challenge.

  1. OF WILD DOGS, Jane Taylor (South Africa)
  2. 4.7, TRACKERS, Deon Meyer (South Africa)
  3. 4.5, THE SATURDAY BIG TENT WEDDING PARTY, Alexander McCall Smith (Botswana)
  1. 4.5, THE HALF-CHILD, Angela Savage (Thailand)
  2. 4.0, MRS POLLIFAX, INNOCENT TOURIST, Dorothy Gilman (Jordan)
  3. 4.5, THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X, Keigo Higashino (Japan)
Australasia/Oceana (my modification)
  1. PRIME CUT, Alan Carter (Australia)
  2. BOUND, Vanda Symon (New Zealand)
  3. 4.3, DEVIL-DEVIL, Graeme Kent (Solomon Islands)
An extra hurdle for Australasia - at least one from New Zealand.
I can count separate Australian states.

  1. 4.5, DUMB WITNESS, Agatha Christie (England)
  2. 4.4, MAIGRET & the MAN on the BOULEVARD, Georges Simeon (France)
  3. 4.7, THE MAN WHO WENT UP IN SMOKE, Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo (Sweden)
North America
  1. 4.5, MIDNIGHT CAB, James W. Nichol (Canada)
  2. 4.8, CROOKED LETTER, CROOKED LETTER, Tom Franklin (North America)
  3. 4.7, WHITE SKY, BLACK ICE, Stan Jones (Alaska) 
South America
  1. 4.7, DYING GASP, Leighton Gage (Brazil)
  2. 4.1, CARIBBEAN MOON, Rick Murcer (Caribbean)
  3. 1.0, THE EMPANADA AFFAIR, Jerold & Elaine Last (Argentina)
7th Continent: Historical crime fiction
  1. RAILWAY TO THE GRAVE, Edward Marston
    (Britain 1850s) 
  2. THE PERICLES COMMISSION, Gary Corby (Ancient Athens)
  3. DIED IN THE WOOL, Ngaio Marsh ( New Zealand 1942)


kathy d. said...

Congratulations! That's impressive.

I thank Dorte and you for posting the Global Reading Challenge and promoting it. Because of that, I completed the medium level last year and will finish at least the medium level this year.

However, it's very much improved the scope of my reading. At this point, I've read books from 18 countries, whereas without the challenge it probably would have been closer to 6.

It provides a format or guidelines for global reading, as well as suggestions for the different continents. It surely helps me to expand my reading.

And I've discovered Australian crime fiction!

Kerrie said...

That's the sort of thing I like to hear Kathy

Anonymous said...

Very well done Kerrie. Congratulations.

kathy d. said...

Well, I have selected several books from your website, as well as RTR, Petrona, Crime Scraps, Barbara Fister's, Margot K.'s and Friend Feed and Dorte's Challenge pages.

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter and Devil-Devil came from here. I checked on Kerry Greenwood's Corinna Chapman series, which I love, and I read the Katherine Howell section after liking Cold Justice.

Dorte H said...

Impressive! Congratulations, Kerrie.

I won´t even admit how few books I have read so far ;)


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