19 October 2011

My Kindle Hundred

Followers of my blog will know that just on 2 years ago I bought a Kindle 2.
My records show that earlier this week I completed reading my 100th book on the Kindle.
I'm a long way from running out of books to read.
My Kindle tells me I have another 300 items on it left to read.

It has become my great travelling companion whether I am going on a plane journey, or just sitting in the doctor's waiting room.

I am convinced that it helps me read just that little bit faster, and I think I can even detect withdrawal symptoms if I haven't been reading a book on it for a few days. (I haven't abandoned made-from-paper books and have an equivalent number of books sitting on my shelves).

I love the search facility and sometimes find myself wishing I could search a made-from-paper book. 

I get most of my e-books from Amazon, but with a purchase limit of $10, some from Smashwords, and some review e-books from NetGalley.

When I first bought it, I was greatly bothered by what seemed to be the unavailability of the books I read, but things seem to have got better and I don't seem to come across that "unavailable to you" icon nearly so much.

I still have my original Kindle2 and don't feel particularly tempted to buy a Kindle 3, or even Kindle Fire if it ever becomes available DownUnder.

If you'd like to see what I have been reading on my Kindle recently click here.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Kerrie :-). I don't have a Kindle, but everyone who has one tells me it's been wonderful to be a Kindle owner.

Marce said...

Oh great stuff, I have almost hit having 200 on my Kindle but I know I haven't read 100 yet, my goal is 50 a year so I must be close now, have had mine for 2 years also.

Way to go, I think the kindle is the best. I have to say the Kindle touch got my attention but I still love my Kindle and have no reason to have to upgrade.

Here's to many more reads. I totally prefer reading on the kindle.

Anonymous said...

I have a Kindle 2 as well. I quite enjoy reading books on it but have a habit of either losing it around the house or forgetting to charge it. I suspect I haven't quite bought in to ebooks quite yet.

Uriah Robinson said...

Kerrie at Crime Fest you were downloading extracts on to your Kindle faster than the speakers could mention the books.
Are you sure you have only 300 books on it?
I think they are a superb invention for insomniacs or those with a partner who snores. The little light allows you to read away with interrupting the snorer, but I still prefer paper books.


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