13 October 2011

Forgotten Book: GIDEON'S DAY (aka GIDEON OF SCOTLAND YARD), J J Marric

This contribution to Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books comes not from my trusty old green record book, but from an audio purchase I made today.

Publisher's blurb
    Available to download for the first time, The Gideon of Scotland Yard Series by 'JJ Marric' (pseudonym of Grand Master John Creasey). 
    Gideon's day is a busy one. London is faced with the murder of a little girl and a policeman's murder. While trying to bring these killers to justice, Gideon has to deal with a criminal gang that is after one of it's own. 
    One of the most senior officers within Scotland Yard, George Gideon's crime-solving abilities are in the finest traditions of London's world-famous police headquarters. His analytical brain and sense of fairness is respected by colleagues and villains alike. 
    John Creasey (1908-1973) published over 600 books under 20+ different pseudonyms. In 1969 he was given the Mystery Writers of America’s highest Honour, the Grand Master award. 
    ©1955 John Creasey (P)2010 Audible Ltd
The first in the Gideon series GIDEON'S DAY aka GIDEON OF SCOTLAND YARD was published in 1955 under the pseudonym of J J Marric, and titles basically continued to appear at the rate of one a year until 1978 with the last,  GIDEON'S FORCE. The last four Gideon titles and a Gideon omnibus were published after Creasey's death in 1973.

I know I have read the occasional Creasey (who hasn't?), and I do remember watching some of the Gideon's Way television series, so I am looking forward to the three audio books I have downloaded with great anticipation.

I see also that many of the Gideon series are available for Kindle, so perhaps I'll indulge there with some of the other titles.

Check John Creasey's prodigious output through Fantastic Fiction.


George said...

I've read a couple hundred Creasey's and the J. J. Marric series features his best work.

Joe Barone said...

I loved the Gideon books.


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