17 October 2011

Crime Fiction on a Euro Pass: Turkey: week beginning Mon 17 October

The idea behind Crime Fiction on a Euro Pass is that participants write a post linked to the country of the week.

On a long and eventful journey, we have already visited
Our journey comes to an end this week in Turkey

Many thanks to those who have participated in the last 12 weeks. I hope you have enjoyed the experience.
Next week I will publish a summary post for the whole journey.
    Some suggestions:
    You can choose one of the following (or something more imaginative)
    • a book review (create a new one or revive an old one)
    • an author profile
    • a reading syllabus for crime fiction either set in this country, or written by authors from this country.
    Your post can be "based" anywhere in this week's country.

    When you have written a post please do the following:
    • put a link to this post in yours (feel free to use the logo if you like)
    • Come back here and put a link to your post in Mr Linky


    Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

    what crime story are you reading from Singapore? I lived there 16 years.

    Kerrie said...

    Ann, you could look for books by Shamini Flint. Something in the Inspector Singh investigates series. Shamini is young writer living in Singapore and her books take Inspector Singh around Asia including Singapore

    Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

    I forgot to add that my post is on Barbara Nadel. Can you adjust my link please, Kerrie?

    Anonymous said...

    This meme was a lot of fun. We should do it again next year, maybe take a cruise to Asia or the Baltic Sea?


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