3 October 2011

Crime Fiction Pick of the Month so far in 2011

It is getting to that stage of the year when I am beginning to assess what I've read so far and what the outstanding books have been for me.

Here is what I have listed so far in Pick of the Month which is the outstanding book in each month's reading list:
This list will be a little different from my "best reads so far" list that I'll publish later in the week.
That will be a list of about 30 books that have rated 4.8 and above from m this year.


Anonymous said...

Some fine, fine choices, Kerrie :-)

Maxine Clarke said...

I think I'd find it impossible to have such a feature, maybe I should read less! I haven't read all your picks but of those I have my favourite is Rupture (1000 Cuts). I did not like his follow-up (The Facility) but apparently his new one (not out yet) returns to similar themes as the first, hope so!

Anonymous said...

A great list, Kerrie. I have only read The Rulle Book and have scheduled to read soonn Rupture (aka A Thousand Cuts) but will add all the rest to my wish list.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerrie,

Great site and so well organized!

Wanted to ask you about reviewing my crime thriller ebook DEATH MATCH, but can't seem to find an email address (the contact form was disabled). If you'd be interested in a copy of the greatest crime thriller about professional wrestling, please contact me at jason.ridler@gmail.com!


Jay Ridler, Ph.D


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