20 October 2011

Forgotten Book: THE HORSE YOU CAME IN ON, Martha Grimes

This contribution to Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books comes my records in 1996.

THE HORSE YOU CAME IN ON was published in 1993, and is mid way (12/22) in Grimes' Richard Jury series. 

From Martha Grimes' website

The murder is in America, but the call goes out to Scotland Yard superintendent Richard Jury. 
Accompanied by his aristocratic friend Melrose Plant and by Sargeant Wiggins, Jury arrives in Baltimore, Maryland, home of zealous Orioles fans, mouth-watering crabs, and Edgar Allen Poe. 
In his efforts to solve the case, Jury rubs elbows with a delicious and suspicious cast of characters, embarking on a trail that leads to a unique tavern called “The Horse You Came In On”….

I have dabbled in the Jury series just a little over the years but it is not a series I have really "taken to", although obviously there must be plenty of readers who have.

Martha Grimes (born May 2, 1931) is an American author of detective fiction, who has set most of the Richard Jury series in the UK. Richard Jury is a Scotland Yard detective.

How many other American crime fiction authors can you think of who have set their books mainly in Britain?
On my mental list are Charles Todd (mother and son team Caroline and Charles Todd), Elizabeth George, and Deborah Crombie.

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Sarah said...

I can think of plenty of British authors who set their books in the US (Lee Child, Michael Marshall etc) but not the other way around. But I am sure that thet exist. Elizabeth George captures well I think the spirit of London in her books.


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