6 October 2011

Forgotten Book: TOMBSTONE COURAGE, J.A. Jance

This contribution to Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books is from my records for 1996.

TOMBSTONE COURAGE is #2 in Jance's Joanna Brady series (see full list below)

I had read the first in the series, DESERT HEAT earlier that year. It introduced a new female protagonist.
Life is good for Joanna Brady in the small desert community of Bisbee. She has Jenny, her adored nine-year-old daughter, and solid, honest, and loving husband, Andy, a local lawman who's running for Sheriff of Cochise County. But her good life explodes when a bullet destroys Andy Brady's future and leaves him dying beneath the blistering Arizona sun.

In TOMBSTONE COURAGE, Joanna Brady runs for sheriff in Cochise County, Arizona, and thereby earns the enmity of the local police force and gets involved in investigating a strange double homicide.

Jance set her Joanna Brady series in the town where she herself grew up and says that the Brady character owes quite a bit to her own experiences as a single parent.

In PARTNER IN CRIME Jance introduced Sheriff Joanna Brady to another of her protagonists, Seattle homicide detective J. P. Beaumont, who has her own series of 19 titles.

1. Desert Heat (1993)
2. Tombstone Courage (1994)
3. Shoot, Don't Shoot (1995)
4. Dead to Rights (1996)
5. Skeleton Canyon (1997)
6. Rattlesnake Crossing (1998)
7. Outlaw Mountain (1999)
8. Devil's Claw (2000)
9. Paradise Lost (2001)
10. Partner In Crime (2002)
11. Exit Wounds (2003)
12. Dead Wrong (2006)
13. Damage Control (2008)

Catch up with J.A. Jance on her website.

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - You always find the most interesting books and series for Patti's Forgotten Books feature. This is one I'd heard of but wasn't familiar with - thanks!


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