18 May 2008

Carnival of Criminal Minds moves to location #16

The Carnival of Criminal Minds has moved to yet another splendid location.
No. 15 was in Germany at Internationale Krimis.
Now the Carnival has leapt entire continents in a single bound to location No. 16 to Canada to be hosted by author and critic Sandra Ruttan at life & other inconveniences.
It's new manifestation is an absolute smorgasbord of trapeze artists, a haunted house, a ferris wheel, roller coasters, cotton candy, a food court, and enough new blogs to set your head spinning.

Never seen any of the Carnivals? Then hie thee to the Ringmaster's site and check them all out. If you want to start with the first and move forward, start here. The purpose of The Carnival of Criminal Minds: to showcase highlights in crime fiction, books, blogs, and websites.

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