10 May 2008

A CURE FOR ALL SEASONS, first impressions

As I've only just begun reading Reginald Hill's latest offering A CURE FOR ALL DISEASES there is little likelihood, that only 35 pages in, I'm going to give any spoilers, so you can safely read on. I'm not even going to give you the blurb from the back which often constitutes a spoiler in itself. If you want you can pluck the book off the shelves in the shop and read it for yourself.

Some people, I know, studiously avoid doing that (reading the blurb), although I can't work out for the life of me how they then ever decide on what to read. Quality of the cover art perhaps? Number of pages? Size of print?

Well, if it was number of pages, then this is a tome. 535 pages. I discovered last night how difficult it is to read in bed. And at the front under the title it says A Novel in Six Volumes. Yikes! methought. And there it was Volume the First: Every Neighbourhood should have a great Lady.

I think it's going to be one of those books where you have to read everything. The quotes on the first pages, volume and chapter titles, everything. No skim reading here.

To be honest I found the first few pages, the content of an email from one charley@whiifle.com to cassie@natterjack.com slow going, almost reading it aloud to myself so as to be sure not to miss anything.
And then in Chapter 3 of this volume comes the strident voice of Fat Andy. And for some reason it feels more strident than usual. Perhaps I've been watching too much Dalziel & Pascoe on TV and Warren Clarke's much nicer personality.
Anyway, I'm into chapter 4 now, and back to the email conversation, which thankfully, so far, is just one way. I'm just glad I don't get emails as long as these are.

So there. No spoilers yet eh!

A CURE FOR ALL DISEASES is set after THE DEATH OF DALZIEL. Fat Andy is recovering from the effects of the bomb blast that put him into a coma, and while going stir-crazy in hospital, is not well enough to go home by himself, and far too much for friends and family to look after. So it's off to seaside convalescence under supervision for him.

I'll keep you informed of progress, although my next posting on the subject could well be my review.

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