7 May 2008

Michael Robotham, Australian 2008 Books Alive Ambassador

Great news from Michael, hot off the presses

Michael Robotham, author of SHATTER, and one of my favourite authors, is the Australia Council's Books Alive ambassador for 2008, which means there'll a new novel available in Australia as early as August - a mini-sized one, although at 76,000 words it's still pretty big. It's called BOMBPROOF and it's going to be given away free across Australia when readers buy one of the 50 Great Reads that will be announced in late July.

He'll also be touring the country - every state and territory, apparently in the month beginning July 27th.
The Australia Council website says capital cities and regional centres, so you never know- you could be lucky and get to meet him.

I'll keep you posted about his schedule.
He will be at Melbourne Writers Festival at the end of August.

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