25 May 2008

Sunday Salon #10 - 25 May 2008

Can't believe this is my 10th Sunday Salon. I think I am almost addicted to blogging. In 144 days I made 176 postings!

I've set this to auto publish on Sunday so I hope that it works. The first post in the retrospective list below will explain why I had to do that.

I've learnt a few things this week- how to add a Feedburner RSS icon, and set up an email subscription through Feedburner - and met a few new people through comments they've left.
I also "hotlinked" all my reviews for 2008, currently listed in a side panel, to the actual reviews so visitors can locate them more easily.
  • A new site to explore: Crime and Mystery Fiction
    Lists over 1400 authors and their books. Some pages are not quite current but it is a remarkable piece of work. Check out some of the pseudonyms too
  • Over on Book Group Buzz there's a nice list of things you can do in your Book Group if you're looking for something to rev it up a bit.
    There have also been a couple of posts about how to locate online reading guides. An earlier posting here.
  • Over on Crime Scraps you can compete for a copy of Peter Temple's THE BROKEN SHORE, winner of CWA Duncan Lawrie Dagger Award for 2007.

    Interesting co
    ver too for the USA Picador publishing of this Australian novel by an Australian author.
    The Australian cover is on the left.
    Seriously, if you haven't read it yet, get a copy.
The Book Depository sends all over the world with free postage. Copies of THE BROKEN SHORE begin at £6.03 or treat yourself to a Peter Temple Omnibus that also includes IN THE EVIL DAY and AN IRON ROSE for £6.03


Anonymous said...

Blogging is addictive and book blogging is more so Too many great sites and blogs to explore.

My SS post!

BooksPlease said...

Yes I am addicted to blogging - it's starting to take up more and more time and my reading is suffering. I keep thinking it's time to adjust the balance. My Sunday Salon post will be up later today at www.booksplease.org

John (@bookdreamer) said...

I have just started to make the switch having spent most of the past 18 months swapping and cataloguing books. I have so many books that its pointless to crave for many more( well the odd one is ok), hence this year I have shifted to reviewing more and then to blogging as a way of making writing as much as reading a focus. Hence I have joined all these networks and why I have just suddenly appeared!!

My Journey Through Reading... said...

My reading time is also suffering because of blogging. I am not posting that often but reading everyone's blogs and of course my wishlist is growing after reading so many great reviews!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to find someone else who enjoyed "The Broken Shore'. I thought it one of the most original voices I'd come across in a long time.

The Bookworm said...

blogging is very addictive!
thanks for the links, I'll be checking those out.
enjoy your weekend :o)



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