7 May 2008

Writing a Better Blog

Improving my blog, learning how to do it better, has been one of the things I've focussed on this year. I've found many great blogs to follow (see them listed in Blogs I'm Watching) , met many new friends through blogging, and learnt a lot by just watching what others do, and following their tips. I've llearnt also that to get most out of blogging, you need to leave comments on the blogs of others.

Many thanks to Petrona for the link to the 2008 31 Day Comment Challenge.

Challenges are very popular with bloggers of all walks of life. By taking on a challenge you challenge yourself to learn or do something new. The 31 Day Comment Challenge is running from May 1-31 2008, but don’t let that put you off. There is a list of activities, one for every day of the month

  • Day 1: Do a Commenting Self-Audit
  • Day 2: Comment on a blog you’ve never commented on before
  • Day 3: Sign up for a Comment Tracking Service
  • Day 4: Ask a Question in a Blog Comment
  • Day 5: Comment on a Blog Post You Don’t agree with
  • Day 6: Engage another commenter in a conversation
  • Day 7: Reflect on What you’ve learned so far
  • Day 8: Comment on a blog outside your niche
There's more on the site :-)

The second site I found today was Sue Waters’ blog Mobile Technology in TAFE. Sue’s recent posts have been related to blog cleaning, layout, and what she calls the weight problem. Sue is one of those behind the 31 day Comment Challenge.

I'm not sure that I am actually going to sign up for the challenge, but certainly, if you are looking to learn more about blogging, the advice is worth taking. I was so taken with some of the ideas that I have also blogged about it on my work blog. Over there I've listed some of things I think I've learnt about blogging this year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kerrie, I think you are a great blogger: I haven't known you for long but it feels as if I have, as you often comment on Petrona (for which I am very grateful) and I've enjoyed the online conversations I've been involved in over here at Mysteries in Paradise.
I agree the challenge is a bit, er, well, challenging. I only have about an hour a night for my internet (or any) activities so I think I will pass on it. But I admire people who have the dedication to do it.


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